Saturday, May 14, 2016


Hello everyone! It's been awhile.  We have insects but nothing too different from home, larger bees and beetles but almost nothing harmful. I wrote and said I was going to try and not have my face planted in cake for my birthday.  That is a huge tradition here in Mexico.  I didn't succeed.  I got my face smashed in several cakes.  A wonderful family made me a Gumby cake!!!!  I have to say that I had the best birthday.  I received many, many cakes and more food than I could possibly eat.  Monterrey people are the best!!!!

This is my cousin's friend.  Small world.

My Gumby cake with fireworks!!

Soccer day!

I am glad for where I am and what I am doing, it has helped me understand where my weaknesses are and also where I am strong.  It has helped my beliefs and my ability to relate to others and get to know them.

We found 6 new people to teach and have 2 baptismal dates lined up.  I unfortunately will not be here to see the baptisms as I will be moving to a new area and a new companion.  I will be going with Elder Ng in San Nicolas as the other Zone Leader.  I am nervous about this responsibility but President Swapp must have felt inspired that I could do this or learn from it.  I will try to be a great Zone Leader.  For those that don't know what a zone leader is, this is what the President wrote my mom, ".He supervises, teaches, and inspires the missionaries during zone meetings, companionship exchanges, and visits to district meetings.  He demonstrates effective planning and teaches how to work with local priesthood leaders and members."  There is more to it than this but it is a great opportunity to push myself.  Have a great week!