Friday, January 30, 2015


Monday, January 12, 2015


My companion and I won the big tomato for most baptisms.

My week. hmm..

Funny story time.  So, after we finished cleaning I was going to take a shower.  So I told my companion"I am going to go take a shower and then you can take one." Which in Spanish is "Voy a banarme y despues usted puede banarse." But what I said was "Voy a banarse y despues usted." I literally said,"I am going to wash you and then you can wash yourself."  soooo.... my companion was a little confused and scared...
But otherwise, I had a good week. 
For when my comp comes out of the bathroom.

Tamale laying on top of banana leaf.
Tamale cooked in banana leaf.

Made 300 cookies for everyone.



Building in market place

Dog that went tracting with us.

Gift from President

Security gate not secure so my comp is taking over.

The Zone.

But today was fun, we visited the Markets in Central.  Its pretty much like the walking mall in Bolingbrook, just in the center of the City.  It was fun and I found a sweet tie!
Building on the way to market.
More architecture.  Can you tell what my degree is in?
To market, to market....

Well, we didn't have our baptism as was planned.  Our lady needed more help understanding the gospel so we spent the week teaching her more and encouraging her to put her faith in the Lord.  We also spent a lot of time walking, trying to find new investigators.  The day after New Years everything looked like a war zone, with confetti and fireworks everywhere in the street.  It was also really cold, so almost no one was out and about until after 6PM. 
We did find 4 new investigators this week.  San Juana and Cecilia live with their family and both want to learn more about eternal families.  Cynthia and Blanca are references from another member of the ward.  Blanca wants to just be closer to Jesus and learn more about our church while Cynthia doesn't have any real belief in God but wants to try to gain one.  The final one is Francisco, who lives with his wife Juani and his 3 kids.  We met him on the second of January while he was out grilling some food.  We started talking to him and found out that they, as a family, had made a resolution to start attending Church more often this year.  so it was awesome to meet them so soon after they had made that decision.  So we have a bunch of people to teach, but we could always use more.  I have a baptism on Tuesday this week and another on Sunday.
Me and the other Elders