Sunday, June 21, 2015


I feel like my Spanish, its probably at 50% now.  I can understand just about everything, I just cant conjugate or use subjunctive properly.  But I am getting faster.  I feel like I'm getting better then I realize I'm not saying or writing it correctly.   I like my new companion.  He is a little different, louder and likes to sing off-key... but I like him just fine.  :p  . 

I am blessed with a loving Heavenly Father and a wonderful earthly father.  Happy Father's Day!  We had a baptism last Sunday and he was confirmed a member this Sunday.  His name is Benigno.  He is 72 years old and has lived here all his life.    He has 3 kids and 14 grand kids.  We found a new family, the O***z Family.   They are non-practicing of another religion who are interested in hearing about Jesus Christ.  They were surprised by the amount of knowledge we had on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and so they invited us to come back again. We are working with them to have the courage to break tradition and go to another church. We had 27 lessons this week and found 10 new investigators.

Well, Happy Birthday to Dad!  I would love to Skype and say hi but our President said no... 

Thank you for all the letters.  I appreciate the effort and extra time it takes to send a foreign letter

We helped serve Hermana L*** by cleaning her house out so she can rent it.  It was a lot of work!   But yeah, it worked out fine. 

 I like my new shoes a lot!  I can walk normally again. 

 If I am transferred, where would I want to go?  I haven't the slightest idea, I only know 2 areas.  But I hope wherever I go it has an air conditioner, that's my only criteria right now.  It is now around 96-100 degrees everyday and it is really hot...  But I am doing fine, not really burnt yet so that is nice.  My ward mission leader is fine, he is a mechanic/painter so he is normally super busy but he does try to help out in the work. 

One of the sayings here is:  
A ver si como roncas duermes. "Lets see if you snore how you sleep." = "Put your money where your mouth is."

I RECEIVED SOME PACKAGES AND LETTERS!!!!!!!  Just so you can see how lucky you have the mail system that you do, some of these were mailed out way before Easter.  But I appreciate it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Soccer on P-day