Sunday, December 28, 2014


Me, Angie, Alejandro, Elder Hernandez
The Ramirez Family
We had two baptisms this week. We had Alejandro Ramirez, who is part of a family we have been teaching for 3 months now. The rest of his family is at the end of the month or in January. The other is Angie Guttirerez. We have been working to reactivate the family and they are now coming to church every week. For their baptisms, I had two surprises. The first was during the ordinance, when the doors were closed, I was in the FREEZING cold water with Alejandro. Then, when the doors were opened, President Swapp was standing there, instead of the Bishop. I was just like, oh, ok, the Missions President is here for the baptism, that's cool, don't mess up the ordinance in spanish now... But it went fine. The other fun part was when Angie was baptized. Immediately after she was baptized, she said,"This is Cold!" and rushed out of the font. It was hilarious but I couldn't do more than smile and chuckle. We otherwise had a good week, we found a few new investigators and had some success getting the members more involved in the mission work. We are still working on that part but it is slowly improving.
Dad is probably cringing at this picture.

We had a service project. I like to help whenever we can or whenever we are asked. That is one of the reasons that I am out here is to help others. We did some home improving, clearing, and some painting. 

Area in divisions.
Activity today.  
Elder Rincon
Chinese food for only $6.
Domiguez Family
Elder Montoya,Klemetson, me, Sister Hapuc, Fernandez, Hokansen, Leskas
Working in my notebook.
 We also had a Christmas activity at the temple that was wonderful. It was the youth playing in an orchestra and singing and it was obvious that they spent a lot of time practicing. I am otherwise looking forward to Chrstmas and love you all.

Friday, December 12, 2014


Johan getting baptized.
I had a good 5 days after the last email session.  We went on divisions again for the baptismal intervews so I was in a new area for a day on Friday.  It is nice to see new people and watch how others teach to get ideas for how I can improve my own technique.  My companion, Elder Urtecho, is really good at talking to people and explaining the doctrine.
Coke sleigh. Coke is very big here.

We also had a baptism yesterday, whoot!    Mari and Johan really liked the baptism.  It was a very good meeting with the church members and Johan enjoyed it after the fact, he was too nervous before-hand.  But now Mari is looking even more forward to her Baptism on the 21st so it was a great day.  But anyway, yeah, super hyped for the rest of the month as we have a baptism for every week.   I memorized the baptismal ordinance in the MTC and looked it over again beforehand.  The hard part is remembering the names here because they sometimes have 4-6 names.  I can do most of the blessings in spanish, I am just not comfortable with the wording on them yet.

The District.

 You guys ask me for pics every week but I like to see some too!  I started a workout with my companion on this video called Insanity!  Never again, I couldnt walk for 20 minutes afterwards.

My apartment.

Close up at temple.

The Zone.