Friday, December 12, 2014


Johan getting baptized.
I had a good 5 days after the last email session.  We went on divisions again for the baptismal intervews so I was in a new area for a day on Friday.  It is nice to see new people and watch how others teach to get ideas for how I can improve my own technique.  My companion, Elder Urtecho, is really good at talking to people and explaining the doctrine.
Coke sleigh. Coke is very big here.

We also had a baptism yesterday, whoot!    Mari and Johan really liked the baptism.  It was a very good meeting with the church members and Johan enjoyed it after the fact, he was too nervous before-hand.  But now Mari is looking even more forward to her Baptism on the 21st so it was a great day.  But anyway, yeah, super hyped for the rest of the month as we have a baptism for every week.   I memorized the baptismal ordinance in the MTC and looked it over again beforehand.  The hard part is remembering the names here because they sometimes have 4-6 names.  I can do most of the blessings in spanish, I am just not comfortable with the wording on them yet.

The District.

 You guys ask me for pics every week but I like to see some too!  I started a workout with my companion on this video called Insanity!  Never again, I couldnt walk for 20 minutes afterwards.

My apartment.

Close up at temple.

The Zone.

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