Saturday, November 29, 2014


Zone activity.
My study area.
I like my area a lot, it is pretty small so I have seen all of it already and we walk everywhere, but it is nice.  The people are really friendly, and even when they dont want to hear our message, they listen politely and then say no thanks, so it is different here to Chicago or other areas in our mission.  The weather is definately different.  It is hot one day, cold the next, and rains very sporadically.  I miss the snow already.  I can live with the cold, the heat is terrifying.  They dont have air conditioning or heating, the kitchen is about the size of your bathroom and we only have an electric stove, and the fridge is college size.

We had a lot of good lessons this week.  We have 3 baptismal dates, with two of them being really positive now. It is the Familia Maria de Jesus.  I am super excited for them, I can already see the changes in their lives from the gospel. 
We don't do anything for Thanksgiving here I think, it isn't a holiday in Mexico.  Which is surprising frankly considering how many holidays they do celebrate.  They have had over 8 fiestas since I have been here, so either it is this time of year or they like fiestas.   They are a celebrating kind of people.  My companion and I are getting along fine, commuication is a struggle at times but it normally means I get to play pictionary for a bit. We have been trying to help each other learn the language, so he sort of understands English now, but he cant speak much of it, same for me with Spanish.  I am at the point now where I can understand when a word stops and starts, but not what the word actually is.  

The mail here is very slow so you can send your Christmas card now and I may get it by Christmas.  Have a great week!
Entrance by house.

Mountains on a clear day.

More mountains.


Zone activity

Good morning!

Very windy day.

So windy.  

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