Sunday, February 15, 2015


My first Churro
Mexico is so bright....gotta wear shades.
My Spanish is around 40-45% now.  I can understand a lot better then before but I cannot speak rapidly still.  I am still struggling to conjugate my words and use correct grammar, but it is coming slowly now.  Our investigators are OK, only 3 are progressing right now so we will begin searching for more sometime Wednesday or Thursday.  But we did have success bringing some of our inactive families to church this week so that is a plus.  We just got the church directory, looked for everyone in our area, and tried to visit 2 everyday last week.  We found 3 of those families at home and invited them to church and all of them came!  So while we only had 3 of our investigators in church, we had around 14-15 more people in church with all of our inactive families.  It was great. 

We are teaching  V***a and G***a , and N***a.  It is hard to change your way of thinking to something new sometimes later in life.  But these wonderful people go on Faith and Feelings and it is great to see their happiness when everything clicks.  B****a will be baptized March 1st.  A former investigator S***a, who went missing around the time that I came to the mission.  We found her mom with her in an Oxxo when we went to pay a bill and now we are teaching them again. 

FHE with Domiguez and Ramirez families.
Comp avoiding the rain.

Road we walk through

Fire ants...not fun when bitten by them.

I'm being fed well.

I love fish!

Another nice meal.