Saturday, January 30, 2016


Moroni was the captain of the army at the age of 25.  He was very strong and admired by his army. Moroni was feared by his enemies.  He fortified cities with ideas that are still being used today.  He only went to war to defend his family and faith.  In Alma it talks about the rules of war.  We can apply these rules to the war that Moroni was fighting or perhaps to the wars that we fight in our own lives.

Rule #1:  Have a Plan.  (Alma 43:7-9) Whether in the business world, school, is always a great idea to have a plan.

Rule #2:  Be active and supportive, not inactive and critical. (Alma 43:13:36).  This can apply to our home life, business life, or school life.  You can be critical without being overbearing and rude. Constructive criticism is key to camaraderie.

Rule #3:  Become a leader.  (Alma 43:16-17) There are many followers out in the world.  We need more righteous, good leaders.  Be bold not overbearing.

Rule #4:  Be prepared with armor, weaponry, and fortifications.  (Alma 43:19-21; 48:7-10). Many of you may be thinking of actual weapons or armor.  This symbolism can also refer to knowledge.  The more we know spiritually and educationally, the better we can make great decisions.  Knowledge is power.

Rule #5:  Believe in your cause and understand your duty.  (Alma 43:43-54) Why get involved in something if you don't believe in it?  Gain your own testimony.

Rule #6: Fight to defend and preserve, never to terrorize.  (Alma 43:54, 48:14) Be bold in your beliefs but not a bully.  Study so that you can defend your beliefs.  Listen to the promptings that you receive.

Rule #7:  Command enemies to depart and never return.  (Alma 44:6)  If someone does not respect you or continues to degrade you, then move on.  If this is happening in your own home, protect your home and those within your walls.

Rule #8:  Never compromise your standards.  (Alma 44:6-11).  Temptations will always be around you.  Know your responses to different situations before it happens.  Never lower yourself but lift others up.

Rule #9:  Make and keep covenants; inspire others to do the same. (Alma 46:12-13, 20-21)  Make your joy spread to others.  Be excited about your life and what you stand for and your happiness will spread and your light will shine so much that others will want the same happiness.

If you want to read more about Moroni, order this free book.  Moroni had so many great ideas.  He was a valiant warrior.

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  1. What an excellent blog post about Captain Moroni! You really broke what Moroni's example has to teach us in these latter days. And I loved reading about your son's missionary experiences. Great job!!!