Sunday, July 26, 2015


Scarf that I made.
We did indeed have a baptism.  His name is A*** R**** R*** M***.  I have been teaching him almost for 5 months now and he decided to be baptized, after almost 6 sets of missionaries have taught him...  So I mean, that is pretty sweet.  He is going to be a great example to his family and will be the pioneer for them too.  

Its been in the 90's all week but we should be reaching 100 sometime soon.  It is always hot here and the weather doesn't really change.  That's one thing that I miss about home is the seasons and the rain. and clouds.  

Grilling on the grill.

I am indeed being fed, a bit too much most of the time.  The people in Mexico are very giving.  

We are working on the subject of obedience, verifying commitments.   It has been interesting to see where the little things with obedience can have larger consequences in all that you do.  If I don't say my morning prayers or I go to bed a little later then I should I wake up feeling groggier than normal or I don't feel the spirit as strongly.  

Some words of advice from my Mission President concerning teaching:  I love my Mission President.  

"Elder maybe the first time they were not ready but with prayer the spirit maybe they will be more receptive the next time.  Also you having been in the area may know of an incident in their lives that now they may be more receptive. The point i am trying to make is that I know it is hard but with God nothing is impossible. Remember that your joy will be great with one sole that comes unto God by even greater joy awaits us as we gather many souls (people) here in Monterrey Mexico"

 I am still in the colony of Abasolo 409, Santa Marta, Santa Catarina, Monterrey.   I have been here for 6 months and will be here for another transfer and then we will see if I go to a different area.  

If you have the right mindset, you can do anything.  It is SO important that despite what is going on around you that you are focused on what's really important.  Even though sometimes our day completely falls apart, we need to stay positive and make the exchange a good experience for us. I think that in our lives it is so easy to see the bad things in the world that surround us every day, but God would rather that we see the light in the darkness. So. what do we have to do to have the right mindset? For me it's all about putting negative thoughts out of my mind by replacing them with positive ones. When I think something bad about myself or someone else, I try instead to compliment them or me. I also think it's really important to always be thinking of a scripture or hymn or quote that makes us think positive thoughts!

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