Sunday, November 8, 2015


Very Large Grapefruits 
We had a great Sunday.  I went in the morning with a member from the area to pick up an investigator and then went to church, we were in divisions while my companion went to a quick lesson we had beforehand.  When we got to church the ward was very kind and talked to him and he felt very welcome.  My  companion was late getting to church, and I couldn't understand why.  But then about 10 minutes after we started, just before sacrament, he entered the chapel with 9 other young men behind him and a recent convert of his that I haven't seen at church  in over 2 months...  It was Awesome!    Missionary work is the blood of the church. It's about loving and helping people. We have a responsibility to share what we know. If we don't then we are being selfish. 

These pictures are of cow lips and the flesh that is underneath the tongue.  It is used for Barbacoa, they really like it here (me not so much).  It's like pizza to them, they eat it whenever they can.

This picture is funny because it says Grandaughter...
This picture is even funnier because in the writing it says, "all I could find are little boy cards" 

I get spoiled from my Memaw and Papa.

Lots of cereal.

I made Fettuccine and Gnocchi.  

This was a great day.  It felt like home.


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