Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Me at the Consulate
Yep that was me under the directors armpit.  Hope you caught a glimpse of my forehead and maybe another of me singing. 

I received the letters and the packages.  Thank you for them, I liked them, as did my room/class mates.  I have had a good week here, it is very busy but I am enjoying the work.  I wake up in the morning at 6:30, get ready and go eat breakfast by 7:30.  I am in class by 7:45 and then we have an hour for Personal Study, an hour for companion study, and then 1.5 hours for language study.  I am definitely learning spanish.  Conjugates and tenses are so hard to remember, and now we are working on relatives and indirect + pronouns, which also makes very little intellectual sense. This is followed by lunch, then another 3 hours of class time.  We then eat dinner, then go back to class for more personal time.  The afternoon time is spent preparing to teach a lesson for an "investigator".  We aren't sure if he is a real investigator, but most of us are leaning towards no.  But it is still good practice for the doctrinal lessons and our Spanish, since that is all he will accept hearing us in. 

Train we take to go the Mexico Consulate
Train ride
Picture of the mountains from the train.

My first district!

This is my hint to send cookies.

View from my room

My fellow missionaries.

My study space.

Water thingy

Another water thingy

Not sure what they are but the architect in me liked it.

My MoTab debut.

My first companion Elder Greenwood.
I enjoyed listening to a talk by Brother Schwitzer and his wife this Tuesday night on their mission experiences and the importance of understanding and keeping the commandments in the scriptures and from General Authorities.  Conference of course was awesome.  The food here is good, but I have to be careful how much I eat since it is buffet style.  There is a restaurant right off campus that sells really good burgers as well as a Jamba Juice, but we only go there on our P-day (missionaries get one personal day a week for shopping, letter writing, laundry...).  The evergreens around here are starting to drop their pine cones and the mountains around the campus actually have snow on them now, not because it snowed, but because the clouds that pass by them are freezing on the mountain leaving behind ice/snow.

I have been enjoying my time here, the language is starting to come more readily and I like my companions.  The talks we have every Sunday and Tuesday are amazing.  We have had Apostles and General Authorities come in and talk to us.  It is incredible how much more powerful the talks are when they are prepared specifically with the missionaries and their work in mind.

I hope you guys are feeling well and that the season is still warm there.

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