Sunday, October 26, 2014


The District
I am feeling pretty ready to go, just not too confident in my Spanish still, but I am better now.  I am definitely going, there weren't any problems with my visa or passport. I am the Travel Leader for our group of 10.  We leave here at around 3:40 AM, and our first plane to Fort Worth, TX is at 8:10 AM, so 9:10 for you guys.   We arrive in Dallas around 11:50(12:50) and then have a layover until 2:20(3:20)  depending on how fast we get through international customs.  

I am doing fine.  I am itching at this point to be gone from the MTC. I like it here, but I really just want to get down to Mexico and start learning and teaching.  

El Nativo winner
I did indeed win the Nativo, though it came down to an arm wrestling competition between myself and Elder Long. My entire district is going to the same mission, so my companion and everyone else leave with me. 

We haven't done too much this week either, mostly packing and planning. But yeah, we also had a talk by Elder Carlos Godoy of the 70 that was uplifting and really funny.  Alma 26:22, read the principles and blessings there for missionaries and also Moroni 8:1-3, though liken Moroni to yourself, and you will have an idea of what the lesson was.

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