Sunday, March 29, 2015


Just keep swimming!
I am doing fine, its a little hilly in my new area but otherwise I like it. I like the members and the house is really close to the church so I don't need to take the bus or an expensive taxi to get there so that is a plus.  It looks scary and very poor.  It is poor, scary no, but poor yes. My new area is on the other side of the mountains from my last area, it took about 1.5 hours to get here in taxi with my new companion. I am the 3rd oldest in the mission.  Almost no one  in Mexico has a dryer, it gets so hot in the summer that clothes dry almost as fast as you pull them from the machine.
My comp

Language is probably about the same as last month, only around 45% on the talking and 65% on the listening.  Weekly diet consists of tortillas, potatoes, meat, tortillas, rice, tomatoes, tortillas, and also tortillas.  Everyone here always ask me if I miss eating hamburgers and hot dogs everyday.  They don't understand how we could eat the same thing everyday... yeah... we definitely eat the same thing... But its all really delicious, except for Menu-do and animal eyes, those are not delicious... 

  I still have meal with the members and nice people from the area  everyday.  I look forward to seeing the G*** Family, they are really nice and receptive.  The parents are very kind and they are always willing to stop and talk to us if they see us in the street.

Nice meal from a local family.
Weirdest thing?  Someone told me that whenever he touches someone that he sees when they are going to die if it happens within that month...  it was a little off-putting.  The kindest thing was when Hma. Gonzalez gave us some Ice Cream when it was super hot yesterday.

I am definitely glad I came, I am really enjoying my time when we have people to teach.  I only regret bringing pants that need to be dry cleaned that don't go with my suit, its almost impossible to find a dry cleaner here.

Just keep swimming part 2.

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