Sunday, April 12, 2015


The people are nice and polite.  You have the few who don't want to hear anything by any means necessary, but most are extremely well behaved and considerate.  They are slightly superstitious but are friendly. 

 I will trade you all the summers I have here for cold and snow, really, you can have them.  

We are still with the G***a and R***z families.  They are great people!

We had some tacos for Easter, so I mean, it was nice.   Hunting eggs is an American thing, it doesn't exist here.

The cinder blocks are going to be our new grill, so we can make Burgers de ´Murica!

The Mission President sends out emails every week to help us and comes to see us whenever we have a Zone conference (when all the missionaries in a certain area get together) or visit the temple.  He has a good sense of humor and a good attitude towards the mission.  

My funniest moment was when my companion threw a piece of fruit at this dog that was coming at us.  It worked and scared the dog away!  

For those of you who watched conference (twice a year our beloved prophet and his apostles talk as well as other speakers are on the BYU station and speak to all members around the world. This is available for anyone that wants to hear their messages), here are a few of my favorite speakers and why....tell me who you enjoyed listening to.

Saturday Morning Session:

Linda K Burton: 
While obviously geared towards spouses, the principles work well for any form of companionship.

Dallin H Oaks:
His talk was rich in imagery and example, and I found a large well of advice for my efforts in the field.

Saturday Evening Session:

Michael T Ringwood:
Shiblon like humility.  I found great comfort in this talk.  Its counsel to humility and service were powerful and insightful.

Dale G Renlund:
This talk was great for expressing the importance of changing ourselves and continuing to improve.

Wilford W Anderson:
I liked this one for the musical analogy.  :P

Priesthood Session:

M. Russell Ballard:
It was a personally directed talk to missionaries, its going to be a favorite.  The questions helped me focus my efforts to improve.

Dieter F Uchtdorf:
I liked many of his quotes and examples.  "Many things you can count, don´t count; and many things that you can´t count, really do count."  How can we serve, the spirit of that service, is better than any accolade or achievement.

Sunday Morning:

Rosemary Wixom:
The importance of doubting your doubts, having spiritual experiences, and holding fast to what we know to overcome our trials.

Jeffery R Holland:
A good talk on why Easter is so special, why we really worship Jesus Christ, and our indebtedness to him.

Dieter F. Uchtdorf:
Our great love for his unending Grace and love.  Also our responsibility to "do all that we can do" to receive his grace.

Sunday Evening Session:

Russel M Nelson:
A good talk on how to keep the Sabbath day holy.  "It is a perpetual covenant..."

Kevin W Pearson:
His talk was very straightforward and clear.  It had a lot of good quotes and advice.  "We struggle when caught between conflicting or competing priorities."

Have a great week.  My condolences to the James Family in the loss of their mother, grandmother, great grandmother, Aunt, Sister-in-Law...Aunt Wava will be missed but I know that she is in a wonderful place and if we could catch a glimpse of the joy in her countenance we would be very happy for her.  Families are Forever!  Happy Birthday to Beckham, Brianna, and Mallory!

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