Sunday, May 31, 2015


Hey everyone, 

My week was fine.  We are trying to find new people to teach.  People are so busy now that they don't have one day set aside to rejuvenate and to spend learning about any gospel.  The commandment to Keep the Sabbath Day Holy doesn't really have meaning to many people.  But we are slightly swamped at this point trying to get some new people.  We may have some new ones lined up but we haven't had a lesson with them yet, they are planned for next week.

This is a random guy on the street riding on the front of a truck.  
This is the  burrito I received while walking in the street.  It was a really nice gift.   This is something that I've learned in the mission.  Even if you don't believe in something someone does, kindness is always appropriate.  In this case, this person didn't know me, didn't want to learn anything from me, didn't expect anything in return.  They were a great example and lesson to me on being like the Savior and showing love and kindness.  

I have some new pics for this week.  We did a service project painting a house for one of the sisters in the ward.  Missionaries love to do service.  If you are reading this blog and need service or know someone that needs service, call the missionaries.  We LOVE to do service!!!!!!  If you don't know a missionary, contact someone in my family or go to and find the closest church to you and call them.  We do yard work, paint, fix meals, help move furniture, clean up yards, fix houses...

We had a good week. It was relatively cool most of the week so that was nice. Yeah, my companion (guy that I live with and hang around 24/7) should be transferred tomorrow.  He has been here 4 changes which is the longest possible time in the mission to be in one area. My ups this week were the weather and the members helping us.  The downs were the investigators we had to drop. My favorite person?  Elder Dearden, my district leader.  He is helpful to me and provides me a most intellectual conversation.  And a family that has us over for dinner and are very helpful.

I got new shoes which are really boots.  They aren't that hot, truthfully I haven't even noticed yet.  I really did need new ones didn't I?  They cost about 800 pesos or $55.  They are super comfy and it feels good not to be walking lopsided again.  I bought them from a store here called Coppel.  I think its Canadian.

My mom always has random questions for me.  What is your favorite smell?  My favorite smell? probably fresh air.  Least favorite is dogs & cats.  Tell me about the music at church.  The music is the same as back home, just in Spanish. Everyone does indeed sing here. It sounds as good as I would have expected... I have only played the piano a few times.  How is the water there?  Most of the water here in Monterrey goes through a filter system so it's fairly safe to drink. I still buy bottled water but I can drink it out of the tap without being sick.

Have a great week!  Thank you to those who write me it really does make my week.  Happy Birthday to my Dad.  Thank you for your support!!!

Giant centipede!

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